Cytocare Technologies (P) Ltd

Cytocare Technologies Pvt Ltd is a service provider for clinical researcher, Medical Oncologist, Haematologist and regulatory experts involved in cell processing and stem cell therapy. We endeavour to promote our diversity, so fostering the original thoughts and creativity. By partnering with the most artistic biotechnology in the globe we will continue to meet the requirement of our customer while searching for new opportunities to address unmet scientific and clinical needs

Our Research and Clinical application programs address Technologies such as stem cell collection, Cell processing (includes Cryopreservation and Cryo shipping), Cell separation and Transplantation. Partnering in cGMP laboratory ensure the production of desired cells for Cell based therapies of malignant and non-malignant blood diseases and its Regenerative medicine applications


Director - Scientific and Clinical Applications

Currently Nedunchezhian serves as the Managing Director and Director of Scientific and Clinical applications at Cytocare Technologies Pvt. Ltd. since September 2015. Prior to this, he has served as Director for Scientific and Clinical Applications profiles representing Miltenyi Biotech (Germany) and Biosafe (Swiss) in India for almost 12 years. Nedunchezhian has more than seven years of overseas experience including Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Germany, SWISS, Malaysia and Singapore in the field of Transfusion and Biobanking as per the international standard of cGMP Laboratory work.

Nedunchezhian has completed Ph.D and holds a Post-graduate Degree in Medical Sociology from Madras University and also holds a post graduate Degree in Business Administration. Nedun has authored several peer reviewed publications on Haplo Identical transplantation and Transfusion medicine.

Nedunchezhian has more than 25 years experience in Transfusion and Stem Cell Transplantation, and 12 years experince in Bio Banking and Cellular Medicine that drives to distribute a virtuous care in Clinical application including but not limited to Bone Marrow/PBSC Transplantation, Cellular Therapy and Regenerative Medicine. Currently he is also representing Miltenyi Biotec as a channel partner in India for all the clinical products and services.

His primary responsibility is to oversee the graft engineering work platform for Haplo identical transplants, immunotherapies, cell isolation and seperation protocols in bone marrow transplantation/ hematology for treating various malignant and non-maligant disorders. Nedun also oversee the validation of regenerative medicine clinical protocols in the field of Orthopedics, Cardiology, Vascular and Neurology clinical indications and provides consultancy services to Srilanka and Bangladesh in the arena of establishing of cGMP facility and technical support in the arena of cellular therapy and regenerative medicine.

Stem cell therapy – Transfusion Medicine – Transplantation
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